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Some ups and some downs, but mostly just ups!

Remember when I said we were fully funded? Well, I was wrong. We went to sign our funding papers and it turns out we were only being offered 70% of what we asked for funding. Now, I’m pretty good at pinching pennies but when it comes to opening an actual business, 30% is a LOT of pennies. I admit, I was discouraged at first. But then I saw this as a challenge. Can we really make this happen? Does Zionsville really want to see a play cafe open here?

I’m going to be posting a crowdfunding link in the next coming months to find out. It’s not a kickstarter but an actual investment in our business. It might be a concept that’s completely unfamiliar to you but it’s just what we need to get us fully there. Currently, we have enough funds to open up our smaller space, for ages 6 and under but Zionsville parents spoke loudly and clearly that they want to see a bigger space that can accommodate older children too. That’s where the last 30% comes in. If we can raise the last little bit, then we’ll be able to open up the dream space that we all want! Additionally, since it’s an actual investment, everyone gets their money back and then some. It’s all very official! Look for our crowdfunding link coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to read how Mainvest works to help fund local small businesses.

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