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Hi! We’re just a local Indy family with a dream. We love this town so much that we’re investing in it. We’re planting roots and opening up our dream play cafe here. We’ve lived here in Indy 8 years now. Everyone told us that Indy was the best place to raise a young family and they were right! If you’re not from the area, come see why it is so special! We love this town, our town, and we’re so excited to raise our four kids here. If you see us around town, don’t be shy!



If you haven’t heard of a play cafe before, you’re not alone! It’s like an indoor playground but also so much more. The Busy Bee Play Cafe is an indoor play space that has a dual-focus: one for adults and one for kids. We have an amazing indoor play structure, play houses, and even a mini road for the little ones to drive on. For the adults, we have comfy couches, work tables, gourmet coffee and snacks so you can sit and relax while your children play. You’ll be able to see your children at all times, no need for hovering. You can relax and let their imaginations run wild!

View Our Space!


5635 W. 96th St. Suite 200

Indianapolis, IN 46278


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