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Meet the Owners-Our story

Let me introduce ourselves! We are a local family with this really cool dream. I’ve shared about our dream a lot but I haven’t shared a whole lot about ourselves. I (Kristina) am a licensed Registered Nurse by training, I worked for 2 years in the ICU before we started our family. Now I’m opening an indoor playground in Indianapolis because I wanted a career with more flexibility and something that was more family-friendly. Kevin (my spouse) is a local doctor who runs his own practice and works part-time at the Indianapolis VA caring for veterans. It may seem like an odd business to open for two people with medical backgrounds but this has been our dream for years. We’re so excited to bring this indoor playground to the Indianapolis and Zionsville area.

We have four children, Calvin is 7, Gemma is 5, Vance is 2 (almost 3!) and baby Millie just turned 1! Time goes by so fast, I know you’ve experienced that with your own families. Calvin is in first grade and is our LEGO fanatic. He’s always building contraptions and fun “machines”. Gemma is our animal lover. She loves helping me care for our many foster animals. We often foster with EARPS, a local exotic animal rescue. We currently have 4 mice, 1 hamster, 1 gecko, and a foster bunny from them! Vance is our busy boy. He never stops moving, he loves a lot of the typical 2-year-old toys like blocks and cars. His favorite activity is being a part of whatever his older siblings are doing. Millie is our inquisitive little sweetheart right now. I can’t wait to see how her personality develops over the next few years. She’s a pretty laid back baby but we’ll see if she stays that way. Our children attend the local Chinese School in Carmel where they’ve been learning about the language and culture. You’ll also find us at the library just about every week, it’s one of our favorite places to go. We love all of the parks that Zionsville has to offer, we’re often visiting several different parks each week.

If you see us out and about, say hi! I can be a little shy at first but once you get me talking, I won’t stop!

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