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Our dream space...

I’ve had a few people email me to request certain things in our ideal space. I love it! Please keep the ideas coming! What I love is that many of the requests we’ve gotten were already on my list! So I thought I’d share a few ideas of our dream space would look like. It’s a bit like shopping for a house though, I know not all of our dreams can be fulfilled but if I could design my perfect space, it will have:

-Space for a delicious cafe with tables, gourmet coffee and teas, charging stations for devices.

-A lovely and fun play structure for kids ages 5-12 (younger kids welcome with adult supervision).

-A unique play town for kids 5 and under with a baby section and a party room devoted just to these ages.

-A party space that can also double as a classroom and space for other events.

-Lots of comfy seating for the adults. We want our space to be just as enjoyable for the adults that come!

-We’d like our space arranged with only half walls so you can see your kids from anywhere you sit.

Do you see your ideas on our list? If not, email us! We really want our space to serve our community’s wants and needs.

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