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Getting the ball rolling

We officially have our funding! That means we’re able to start looking for a location. There are a few options around town but we also realize we might be waiting for a bit for the perfect spot that serves our needs well. In the meantime, we’re still planning and reading over surveys. We’re also traveling around the country doing market research of other indoor playgrounds too. We’re visiting some absolutely amazing spaces and seeing what we like about their space. We’re also visiting the lesser loved spaces and seeing what we can learn from those spaces too. Everyone’s dream indoor playground is probably going to be a bit different so we’re trying to find the best path for us. There are a lot of design details that we’re pouring over right now. Our blog updates will be infrequent these days as we’re traveling a lot and haven’t picked out our location yet. Hopefully by the time we post again, we’ll have a home and some big news to share!

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