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What We Hope to Bring To The Zionsville/Indianapolis Community

We’ve had this dream for such a long time, it feels like it’s always been in the back of our minds. We’re so excited to bring this to reality now! We’re not just wanting to start a business, we really want to make an impact on our community. We can’t wait to see our community’s children grow up in our space as they celebrate the milestones that come with childhood. We don’t want to just be an indoor playgrounds, we want to shape our community and give back as much as it’s given to us. We want to be there to celebrate all of the birthdays, babies, graduations, and just regular every day moments that make up our lives. We’re hoping to be the morning play date spot, the weekend birthday party stop, the delicious coffee hangout, a place for community events and so much more! Our vision is HUGE! More specific updates to come soon!!

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